40 diseños de brochures para la inspiración #DISEÑOGRÁFICO OJO, SIN INSPIRACIÓN NO SOMOS NADA ( ._.) Vía: @webdesigneraid

10 Jun

1. Salon B Menu

Menu designed for a piano Bar.


2. Century 21 Brochure Design

Designed using Illustrator & Photoshop.Invitation style-brochure with a “luxurious” and “exclusivity” feel.


3. Q2 Brochure

Sales brochure for boutique Melbourne office development, Q2.


4. NTU Degree Shows 2009

The invites use a thick Colourplan paper stock, foiled in black using the bespoke typeface I developed for the NTU Art and Design book. The back of the invites were printed silver. The adverts and way finder use a layered version of the typeface where two patterns/colours are used per letter.


5. Rounded Dobra


6. Fierro hotel broucher

SeventhDesign is a branding studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, creating customized and ambitious solutions for national and international clients for almost 7 years.


7. 4 Bridges Art Festival Patron Brochure 2007.

This piece was designed before the commissioned art piece was completed, so we used images of the artist’s collage collection and a die cut pattern of the festival’s logo. Designed by Brad Dicharry, Joseph Shipp and Matt Greenwell for Widgets & Stone. Design Direction by Paul Rustand.Printed by Adams Litho. Detail of logo die cut.


8. Back Off Program

This photo was taken on June 8, 2008 in San Mateo, California, US, using a Canon PowerShot SD600.


9. The White House Project

The White House Project’s 2010 EPIC Awards are a celebration of women’s leadership in the media and in popular culture. The April 7, 2010 event took place at the IAC Building in New York City, designed by Frank Gehry. Among those in attendance were Meryl Streep, Jill Scott, Gina Davis, and Megan Mullally.


10. Rebrand Brochure

The brochure features illustrative photography to showcase the companies core services. The cover doubles as a pocket folder to house additional company literature.


11. Kung Fusion Brochure


12. Mineral Kat

Brochure design for Mineral Kat Company. They are messing up in utilization of the production wastes, and such.


13. BG Tech Invitation


14. DTH Brochure

Made this for a school work


15. 35 Res Big


16. Red Box

The red box passport is used in new employee orientation as a way of guiding the employees through the many departments that make red box work.It includes a set of rubber stamps, one for each of the 15 departments, that denote the completion of a section.


17. Wired Brochure Design


18. Contemporary Slovenian Writers

A give-away booklet of Contemporary Slovenian Writers was created for the Frankfurt book fair. First half presents Slovenian Humanists and the second half Social scientists.

Contemporary Slovenian Writers

19. Falconry Brochure


20. Coll Brochure

Brochure to the industrial designer G. Coll


21. CA Insurance Plans West

CA Insurance Plans West is a company that offers insurance solutions to Chartered Accountants.The blue umbrella provides them with a flexible creative platform to communicate their services.


22. Brochure by Valiumhc

Brochure for a winery, at the time of the London International Wine Fair 2009. Design inspired by typical brazilian stuff. Collaboration with Cure Criativa.


23. Construction Company Brochure

Construction Company Brochure Designed by Valiumhc.


24. Brochure by Cmattic

Brochure son.


25. Carta Licores


26. Brazil Brochure


27. Latex Gloves

Packing Latex Gloves.


28. Brochure by Emtgrafico


29. Xceed Brochure

Brochure for Xceed..


30. MSC Brochure

MSc Brochure concept.


31. Falconry Brochure

It’s brochure+ an invitation for a UAE company promoting their culture at a Falconry Festival in England. They are environmentally friendly, hence, all the earthy colours and recycled paper look.


32. ITOS Brochure

Proposal brochure for a local company. 3d images are from DA, used only as an example.


33. Cash Sense Brochure

Brochure Design for a Client. Specifications: 2 fold, A4 Size 2 Sided Print Full Color.Design was produce in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.


34. New England Wire Technologies Product Brochures

Product brochures for engineering and manufacturing company.


35. Trifold Brochure

Comprehensive Study for a Tri-fold Brochure Design Full comprehensive design


36. Adidas Brochure

Uniq Brochure Design for the Company Adidas.


37. Satu atap brochure by arema

This artwork is for my company brochure.


38. Good Food


39. Encounter Fest

Branding to Brochure. Hillsong Encounterfest 07.


40. Jeep Brochure


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3 Respuestas a “40 diseños de brochures para la inspiración #DISEÑOGRÁFICO OJO, SIN INSPIRACIÓN NO SOMOS NADA ( ._.) Vía: @webdesigneraid

  1. dosaunecompany

    11 junio, 2012 at 14:39

    Diseños muy interesantes, me gusta especialmente cuando un dossier se convierte en packaging de sí mismo

    • migenic

      12 junio, 2012 at 2:03

      Muchas gracias por tu comentario. Coincido contigo. Un trabajo se torna espectacular cuando un dossier se convierte en packaging de sí mismo.



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